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NEW: Text to Image

PixelMindz allows you to transform text into stunning AI-generated images instantly (6 seconds). Just input your desired text, and our powerful AI creates visually engaging content for you. Unleash your creativity with limitless possibilities and minimal effort.


Generating dream rooms using AI for everyone.


A penthouse hotel room


Same room as modern


Create your dream room in three easy steps

Select your preferences and upload yor photo

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1. Select your room theme

We have multiple room themes, like; Modern, steampunk and many more

Room type

2. Choose your room type

We have multiple room types, like; Living room, dinning room, bedroom and more

Upload your photo

3. Upload your photo

After the photo is uploaded your room is in 6 - 14 seconds generated

Revolutionize Your Design Experience with PixelMindz Features

Explore powerful AI-driven capabilities that transform your creative ideas into stunning visuals

AI-Generated Dream Rooms
Design the perfect living room, bedroom, kitchen, and more with just a few words.
Text-to-Image Function
Describe any image and watch our AI bring it to life in a matter of seconds.
Endless Customization
Experiment with unlimited design concepts and image ideas to unleash your creativity.

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